The Team

Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy

Keeps the lights on...

John Katt

Keeps the team looking like we know what we are talking about

Pedro Crespo

Money plus everything else

Marvin Lalin
Business Development

Creating connections and taking names.

What we do

We create and develop educational programs that support the growth of diverse innovators. We help these individuals maneuver their way through the innovation ecosystem through online and offline support. We have built a strong network made up of experts in business, tech, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and more. Our network was built with the intention of offering resources in the form of classes, workshops, conferences, hackathons and online communities, to the future members of the Illicit Mind Tribe. Our vision is to see individuals reach their full potential through the exchange of knowledge, connections and experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the success rate of new diverse innovators while creating betterment technologies.

Our Story

In 2014 Georgie-Ann Getton, the CEO and Founder of Illicit Mind, began exploring the innovation ecosystem. In less than a year she joined 40 Meetup and Facebook groups, attended over 100 business/networking/tech events and read over 30 books. Along this journey she realized that navigating the innovation ecosystem was pretty difficult not only because it was broad, but she was a young woman of color who lacked the essential connections, experiences and knowledge of the innovation ecosystem. She then decided that she wanted to help other aspiring innovators to find their way through the innovation ecosystem. ​ ​In 2015, Illicit Mind was accepted into the CUNY CSE incubator as a part of their Fall 2015 cohort. Illicit Mind successfully made it Demo day, as the only female founded company. We were awarded $3,000 at Demo day.

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