About Us

Illicit Mind equips diverse and millennial entrepreneurs with the tools they need to develop their business, their talents, and their tribe. We do this through our various programs; online with digital content and offline through events. By empowering diverse entrepreneurs we balance the dynamic of the current entrepreneurial ecosystem, giving individuals ownership of their community, and create a more just world.

As a new majority company, with 100% of our team identifying as female and/or black/latino, we see not only the impact but know the importance of properly equipping diverse entrepreneurs. We have proven that building with diverse individuals and not just for them is the only way innovate the future.

Our Work

Since 2015, we have created and maintained programs that support the growth of diverse innovators. We help these individuals maneuver their way through the innovation ecosystem through online and offline support.


2000 Unique Attendees

Where 86% Identify as a minority (Person of color, Women, LGBTQIA, Immigrant), 43% as Entrepreneurs (Interested in being a founder/Co Founder) and 64% as Looking for employment (unemployed or underemployed) and 80% Ages 19-35

Cinque Terre

54 Events & Counting

Including 8 hackathons, 3 conferences, 13 workshops and 30 tech socials> We have touched on topics like FinTech, Art Tech, Food tech, Women Entrepreneurship, Diversity & Inclusion in tech, Immigration and more.


1 Community

We are commited to educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, students, technologists, and community members who work together and create solutions to problems in our lives and communities, hence innovating a better world.

Our Values

1) Be Ambitious, yet Humble.

Always work hard towards your goals but be aware that you will always have more to learn

2) Your Team is your Family.

All teams members are essential to the success of the company. We must work together and efficiently.

3) Always Lead, and be led when Necessary.

Take the lead on your personal project and always be ready to take the lead of the entire team.

4) Diversity is always the answer.

Having diverse individuals, from diverse backgrounds, and diverse perspectives will solve any problem.

5) Always Pursue Learning.

Knowledge is key to your success, never stop learning.

6) Don’t be cheap, be resourceful.

Maximize your resources and your results by making careful decisions.

7) Communicate.

Never be afraid to speak up and speak your mind.

8) Build with, not for.

When building, work with those who you are building for.


Meet the team


Georgie-Ann G.Mckoy

CEO & Founder


John Katt



Pedro Crespo



Marvin Lalin

Business Development